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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Manifesto - Intent, Future Plans

Welcome to my e-Marketing blog.

This blog was originally created for the class "Commerce 464 - e-Marketing." While the minimum level of posts is supposedly 10, I expect there to be a larger amount of actual content (maybe updated every week or so, but a flood of articles to start with)

The intent of this blog is to inform the reader about my thoughts on e-Marketing, namely the changes and innovations that I find of interest. Those posts will likely be labeled with the tag "Concepts" in the future.

Essentially, I want to discuss interesting things online that somehow stand out from the flood of banality that makes up maybe 90% of the internet, (how they stand out, why they stand out, etc.) Not all of the articles I post will be about actual e-Marketing though - I plan on taking things from other places if I think that there would be a practical application to e-Marketing.

In the meantime, I'll give you a quick list of things that I plan on talking about soon:
  • Wii advertising
  • Company-created contests
  • Internet fame capitalization
  • Potato Peelers

How are all those things related to e-Marketing? Wait and see, wait and see...

Special thanks to Blogger for hosting, and to Hackosphere for helping set up the post format.


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