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Friday, October 30, 2009


Google is a great source for any sort of research, if you are any good at phrasing your searches (or if you want to mess around with Boolean). But, there are many creative ways to use it for research.

Recently, there was a post discussing Link's "Excuse Me" on Reddit (Possibly the most annoying catchphrase of all time - video at your own risk).

The results were charted into a rather negative exponential looking graph, with one slight bump around 41. This kind of experiment is done a lot, with a lot of different words (I wish I could find them again, but think "lol" with lots of o's) and usually, the chart has a significant drop off in negative exponential fashion (NOT logarithmic... dunno why) with a slight bump in the 40's range.


The most popular one of these is likely the Khaaan! example, from Star Trek's Wrath of Khan. Once again, it picks up at around 40, probably due to the attention span of a person holding down a single button.

Based on eBay examples (i.e. the need for TypoHound) it's a pain in the butt to find anything spelled incorrectly - surprisingly, most people have excellent grammar. However, from this, it's clear that certain typos do work, to maximize your Google search results. Probably the bigger takeaway is that there's a very specific length of time that a person is willing to wait for anything online - so you better make sure your site loads in under that length of time. My guess is that the average amount of time somebody is willing to hold down that button is around 2 seconds, and that the space in the Google toolbar does not fit too much more than that (it fits around 50 characters, which is a bit over 2 seconds).

Just some foo...ooooood for thought


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